Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nod to Click?

We all heard about the Google goggles or Google glasses. These are a pair of glasses you wear so that you can see information from the Internet about the the things around you. Also so that people around you have no doubt that you probably don't care how you look in oversized ray-bans.
Well, the way you click in one of these things is apparently you nod. For example, you would see a restaurant and google pulls up 3 reviews for it. You want to read one of them so you nod to choose one. You might as well shave in to the back of your head, SLAP THIS.
This is an invitation for people to come up to you from behind and slap you on the back of your head.
And what ever you were seeing, gets clicked on. It's great that you are looking at a restaurant. But a twitch of your head and someone slaps you on the back of your head, and suddenly you've just selected more information on the strip club down the street. This is Google, of course, so you have some explaining to do when your other half looks at your browser history. Because it just got synced to the cloud.
I am not advocating you go and terrorize people wearing Google glasses.
But then again who wouldn't want to slap the guy who stands in front of restaurants, slowly moving their head around to select the third restaurant review.