Saturday, September 27, 2014

If the iPhone 6 bends, it could be just you

How is it that we are all upset about phones bending in pockets? Isn't this what we've been working for? No more annoying bulges in pants pockets. "Is that the new iPhone6 or are you just happy to see me?" Is it a worthy enough a fiasco, enough to add the '-gate' behind it, becoming Bendgate. Or is it just a feature that was never intended for general release?
Bendy phones, now that is a concept. More of a blast from the past. The last time phones were this curvy was the Nokia 8110. Remember that? The one Keanu Reeves was holding in the movies.
No, not that one.
Yes, that one.

It's been a long time since the Nokia 8110. No, the Huawei concept phone doesn't count because it's not a 'real' phone. We don't count concept cars, do we? And the Nokia 7110 doesn't count either. Nobody wants to remember that train wreck.
No, really. I don't get it. Why is there all this fuss? The phone bends because you sat with it in your pocket. At what point did you not feel the phone poking against you as you sat down. At same point you decided to ignore it as an inconvenience and get on with the business of sitting down. When you made that decision, unconsciously or not, you have passed the point of responsibility. That is, you have decided to sit down with your phone in your pants, heaven be damned.
Your next visit may not be heaven but it'll most likely be the Apple Store.