Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's a Minority Report world

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Have you heard this? Now we can all live out Tom Cruise's nightmare. Well, not his real nightmare. One where he has in a movie. No, not waking up to Cameron Diaz next to him in bed. Not that movie. Ok, it may not have been his. It could have been Steven Spielberg's, though.
What I am talking about is the scene from Minority Report where Tom has to undergo eye surgery in the same way you get your kidney removed after passing out in a hotel room. When he wakes up, he goes around and all these billboards recognize him, well his eyes really, as an old chinese man. Wrong race, right height and complexion, though. The movie was set in the near future and guess what, the future is here.
This article from the Verge says that the age of where stores can recognize us is not far away. A company from New York, can now figure out what gender you are and how old you are just from a webcam. What you do is point from a webcam out from your store window and the software will tell you who has been watching your store window. It can be accurate up to 90% of the time, telling you whether it was a guy or a gal and whether they are young enough to be your customers.
This has store owners excited. They can greet their shoppers any time of the day. Imagine the day when the store window greets you young ladies "hi there mister" just because you forgot to shave some facial hair. Or wrap a shawl too close to your chin.. to hide the facial hair.
Or when the camera notices the diamond earrings and immediately adds 30% to the price on the LED display.
This can also backfire. Imagine the robotic store window calling the cops just because it's decided you're looking at the merchandise in the window the 'wrong' way.
Ah well.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Google Glass App: PervAlert

Have you heard of Google Glass? Oh I'm sorry... "Project Glass".
It's the definitive way to know which side of the mirror you are on, non-geek or super-geek.
No, really it's a type of glasses you wear that shows your screen right in front of your eye. Yes, right in front of your eye. It's their way of getting back at their parents for warning them against sitting too close to the TV. Now, there is no way of getting any closer.
But really, seriously, it has it's good side. Like how often have you wondered, while talking to someone, whether the person you are talking to is a pervert. Yes, I know you've wondered about that. More than once. About a single person.
Well, with Google Glass, "Project Glass", you can now know or start to find out and make your own conclusion.. about whether the person sitting in front of you is a pervert. You see, Project Glass is an extension of your Android phone. Well, really Google actually. And like the phone, it needs apps to be useful. Like you can be watching a historical building and an app will tell you stuff about it.
What Project Glass needs is the PervAlert app. It will take a picture of the person you are talking to, do a facial recognition to starting finding out more about the person. It will match the face and using voice recognition and name to show their most recent and top Google searches, popular G+ posts and recent YouTube views. The app will rate the result based on keywords and weigh the result based on the stream and out comes a score..  a PossiblyPervScore. The higher the score, the more likely they are a pervert.
The app will then highlight several plausible excuses to exit the area and show the closes route to your car. Isn't technology wonderful?