Thursday, December 5, 2013

Release the virtual friar in you

Vatican 3
You don't need to scale these Vatican walls
to get to the manuscripts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Are you someone who wishes to be religious, old-school style? Do you harbor ambitions of going back to ye olden times and copying out your own religious manuscript?  Or an ex-monk driving in a Ferrari but longing for your previous vocation?
Well fret not dear sir. Get yourself on the Internet and trek virtually to the Vatican. The Vatican has released ancient manuscripts on-line for the public to view. They have also made it okay for Dan Brown followers to peruse and pursue their own conspiracy ideas.
What is interesting is not only what the manuscripts say but what is on it. Apparently, the monks wrote in the margins. More like doodled. I hope someone OCRs the manuscripts and put them through Google Translate, twice. That should be hilarious. Everything is hilarious after Google Translate gets hold if it twice. Try it. Take any article, translate it to another language and another language. Now translate it back.
Speaking of Dan Brown, shouldn't he be writing about Tom Hanks discovering some doodle in the margin of Vatican manuscripts on a tablet proving the existence of a conspiracy to hold back Armageddon?
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amazon also wants drones to drop your packages

The power button of the Amazon Kindle 2
Will the drones be able to carry an Amazon Kindle? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I think you've heard about it by now. And now, everyone is talking about drones bringing you stuff you bought on-line. While FedEx was thinking about it in the past and a couple of Aussies decided to carry around the heaviest object known to a package, Amazon is stealing their thunder by going on 60 Minutes and announcing that they want to do the same.
If you live within some distance from an Amazon delivery center, Amazon wants to delivery your (light) stuff in about 30 minutes. That right. Amazon wants you to get your DVDs as soon as you get your pizza. Except it won't be a pimpled-faced kid at your door. It's the flying terminator. Because there will be no one piloting it. It'll use satellite and GPS to fly to your house.
Again, there is nothing wrong with this picture at all. All those drones flying around, missing all sorts of poles, wires and trees. All the while holding on to a dangling package. Totally safe.
I heard there is a sale on helmets at Amazon.
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