Sunday, June 24, 2012

Microsoft abandoning Nokia after driving it into the ground?

Apparently, Microsoft wasn't finished. Refer to previous post.
Now there is word that Microsoft is coming out with their own phones. Imagine that! The reason is that they wanted to come out with their own phone. Something that they can dictate what hardware would go in. Something that they have control over fully. Something that they couldn't have with Nokia.
Apparently, it wasn't enough that Nokia employed a former Microsoft executive as it's CEO. It wasn't enough that Nokia dropped it's in-house OS that had a larger market share outside the US than Windows Phone to make Windows Phone exclusively. That it wasn't enough that Nokia ignored the international market that it was more popular in to focus on selling Windows Phone in the US. Nokia was such a difficult partner still to work with.
What is the thanks that Nokia gets? It is laying off enough people to make a dent in the national unemployment index. MS-Layoff.
Tablet hardware vendors should consider themselves lucky.
Now to counter the negative reports on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has committed to a Windows Phone 7 update. Sincerely, I think there were more reports on the Windows Phone 8 announcement than Windows Phone users.
Anyway, Microsoft has launched MS-Promise for Window Phone 7.8. They announced that they will put in as much Windows Phone 8 features in Windows Phone 7 in an updated called version 7.8. Or at least it'll look like it enough to fool any of your friends who care. Talk about a low hanging fruit. I bet that they will do this as soon as they finish launching Windows 8, Windows 8RT and Windows Phone 8 in September. Windows Phone 7 user have nothing to worry about. Just ask Windows Mobile users.

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