Thursday, October 4, 2012

The next step towards our very first Terminator Skynet Hunter Killer Flying copter

I don't why it creeps me out. But it creeps me out when I see people ignoring the lessons that movies are trying to teach us. Especially movies that are trilogies.
Take this sefl-flying copter thing. The autonomous copters with for rotors. You know, the ones FedEx is thinking of using to send our packages. We already saw them being able to fly around objects on their own. They can talk to each other to fly in a formation. I thought that was creepy. I thought that the guys who do this would go, "Yeah, good job done. Let's go out tonight."
But no. Someone else thought, 'why not take it to the next level'.
Why? Why do you want to take it to the next level? Have you seen what the final level looks like? Hint: It's an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. He did three of them and then asked Batman to do the last one.  And the guy who was in those greek god movies. Not Charlton Heston.
In this clip you'll see these copters throw a ball and catch it. Is that really necessary? Are you really that desperate to catch a foul ball?

Then they made it so that it can learn from it's mistakes. Why did you do that? Why? Now it's going to start learning where to throw that ball. Sure, it's a ball today. Soon, it'll lob a grenade. Then it's going to learn that it doesn't need us. Then we're going to be batteries.
Or is that another movie?

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