Thursday, November 10, 2016

Top 10 Trump voter excuses in 2020

Top 10 excuses Trump voters will give after America crashes and burn.

10. What problems? America is great again. Sorry, I'm off to pick up my pre-employement check.
9. I had to because all that Healthcare and Economy was choking us. 
8. I really believed that he respected women.
7. This is exactly what we expected for someone who isn't tainted with Washington political experience.
6. You didn't tell me Medicare and Medicaid was government healthcare.
5. I was so moved by Meliana's speech
4. I just voted for Republican.
3. He sounded so honest. At least he was honest.
2. I voted for Pence.
1. I'm an idiot. Why did you let me vote?

0. A lot more of you were supposed to vote for Clinton.

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